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Tabada app

Tabata Stopwatch Pro by Anuj Seth is one of my favorite motivators when it comes to getting a good circut training workout in at home or at the gym, with or without equipment.

ResearchGate Icon.png

You can find out about some great new nutrition research that's going on here and see what I've been working on, as well. Knowledge is power.

WillpowerMentor Brain logo.jpg

If you are one of my clients, I may ask you to download this app on your smartphone. It's an excellent way to track your daily nutrition and fitness. The free version will let you connect by yourself or with the guidance of a nutritionist.

Take the challenge to have the willpower and belief in yourself to keep striving and living your best life after a traumatic injury has touched yours or a family member's life. Life can go on and the connections you make in this group may help you.

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