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Beat Inflammation - EAT MORE TUBERS

Inflammation is the major causation for diseases which have become more and more prominent as heavily processed foods take the place of simpler and fresher fair.

Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer and inflammatory bowel disease are all partially the result of chronic inflammation which Big Pharma insists on treating with more and more drugs that actually increase inflammation even beyond the issue of these chronic diseases.

The top three killers in the United States being

1. heart disease

2. Cancer

3. Lower Respritory Disease (1)

are all chronic diseases that have underliers which are essentially caused by inflammation.

Rather than increasing the occurrence of inflammation in the body, it may be more interesting to you to feed your body foods that will make you feel truly good and healthy instead of lethargic, as fast foods and highly processed foods tend to do. But you may argue that the reason you eat the tasty faster foods because you lack time in your day to prepare something better for yourself.

I‘d like to introduce root vegetables to you. Also known as “tubers”, these are the foods that your body may naturally get along with better. With a variety to choose from like


Potatoes of all varieties








and more, (refer to this helpful page, tubers are naturally anti-inflammatory, meaning they help heal the microbiome by reintroducing more minerals and bacteria. That, in turn, lowers inflammation that surrounds the organs. Here’s what is special about tubers:

1. They are widely seasonally available in a great variety, making them easy to find and making them less expensive than less available vegetables

2. Tubers typically only need storage in a cool dry place. They don’t need any special handling, they are pretty tough.

3. Check out the nutrition facts on root vegetables from These are low carbohydrate, fiber foods and don’t think that because they come from the ground, they don’t have protein too (because they do).

4. It‘s all in the slicing and the seasoning. How much easier can you get when it comes to fresh, low cost food that can make your body feel great? All you really have to do to prepare tubers is cut it in wedges, sticks, discs, chips, cubes, or grate it like hash and then season it to your personal tastes. You put it in the oven and go do your own thing for at max 45 minutes and voila! Tasty snacks or side dishes are ready for your enjoyment. It’s so easy!

I'm definitely not saying eat more than the recommended amount of carbohydrates for your dietary plan but I am saying that it is an excellent choice to swap your processed foods for more natural alternatives or change your high processed side dishes for simply prepared, anti-inflammatory root vegetables. This simple practice will help you to rebuild the micro-biome in your gut and help you feel more energetic and healthy as you make it part of your daily life.

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