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Dietary Supplement Fact Sheet

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Bright and beautiful Orange Pumpkin, red tomatoes, blueberries, and fresh radishes, green Kale. Bright Yellow Font overlay "Eat Your Vitamins Today!"
A colorful rainbow of foods awaits you to get your vitamins but what about Dietary Supplements?

DO YOUR BODY GOOD, eat your vitamins. Daily supplements have been proven to benefit the physical health of those who take them but what about psychological health? What else are dietary supplements good for?

A new study suggests that dietary supplements may have positive effects on those who are experiencing stress. “Effects of vitamin supplementation on inflammatory markers and psychological well-being among distressed women: a randomized controlled trial.” (By Oliver-Baxter JM, et al. J Integr Med. 2018) Not all participants in the study reported positive effects on their psychological wellness with the use of dietary supplements. “The results suggest that administration of multivitamins was not effective in improving psychological state.” The good news is that supplement usage did strengthen the body’s immune system by promoting inflammation in the good way that helps fight infection. Did you know that inflammation can sometimes be a good thing? This study shows that dietary supplements promote a pro-inflammatory response in the cytokines. High levels of TFN, or Tumor Necrosis Factor, is indicative of healing. It shows that the body is having a pro-inflammatory response to infection, i.e. helping protect cells in the body from further harm.

Before taking dietary supplements, note that the primary way to get the necessary vitamins for your body to have a strong immune system and healthy, energetic cells is to eat a varied diet filled with colorful (all colors of that beautiful rainbow) fruits AND vegetables and herbs/spices. A varied plant-based diet is key to giving your body what it needs for longevity and better health.

The most critical times to take your vitamin supplements:

• while you’re still a kid and growing

• as an adult too

• while planning for a family

• during times of elevated physical stress(when your sick or feeling run down)

• when healing from an injury

• while pregnant or lactating

• during periods of depression

• during periods of elation ( yes, even abundance of happiness is a kind of “stress” on the body)

• during periods of lack of sleep or insomnia •during the winter months

• cold and flu season

Ask your pharmacist or doctor which vitamins are best for you. Some dissolve more completely and can be used by the body better than others. Also, if you take medications, it's good to hear from a Doctor or Pharmacist or Nutritionist which dietary supplements are important for your body during that time.

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Please take a moment to book a Free consultation with me if you'd like to get started with a more nutrition and wellness centered journey for a healthier adn happier you.

en and (C) by Christina Hansen

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