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Get Your Health Supplements for FREE!

Did you know that you could start getting your OTC (over the counter) vitamin and mineral supplements for FREE?

Thanks to an act that was passed in 1965 called The Older Americans Act and a Medicare program called Silver Sneakers, you might qualify to receive your OTC supplements and wellness products FREE through your health plan!

Click here to check if you have these benefits with your Aetna Plan through Medicare or Medicaid.

Click here to find out more about OTC benefits that are included in participating Humana plans.

Recipients of participating health insurance programs receive $165.00 every three months to stock up on wellness products they use. These eligible recipients receive a cash card in the mail that works like a debit or credit card and the bill is sent to their health insurance. You can use your OTC health card at any online retailer and/or in person at Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Giant Eagle, and Schnucks retailers.

This is certainly a health and wellness benefit to start taking advantage of right away. The use of programs from bills such as The Older Americans Act and other social services acts do have great benefits for the local economy and for the national economy. Use what you can to stay healthy physically and mentally for a long and happy life. Healthier citizens equal a healthier country.

If you'd like to speak to an enrollment specialist for the Silver Sneakers program, which provides low and no-cost coverage for basic gym membership or if you'd like to enroll in a participating health plan that can provide some great benefits such as OTC benefits, Shanice Moses is an excellent, kind, and knowledgeable agent from Aetna who can help you.

Shanice Moses


Give her a call! The enrollment is easy!

If you have OTC health and wellness benefits, and you would like assistance in learning what vitamin and mineral supplements could help you feel like a healthier, happier, and more energetic you, please book a FREE consultation on for guidance with ways to utilize your OTC and/or Silver Sneakers benefits efficiently. You can also shop through the Delish Nutritionist Dispensary catalog to see what is available through your plan or from out of pocket. The Delish Nutritionist Dispensary is a HIPPA compliant site that allows you to create your own FREE account which is completely confidential. All you do is sign in and you can look through and shop for all of your OTC prescription strength supplements and high quality products to help you improve and maintain your health.

Book your FREE consultation with a Certified Nutritionist and Health Coach Here.

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