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You are better than to eat packaged sauces. Yogurt Sauce couldn't be any easier. Give it a try!
EASY Skillet Butternut Squash and Chicken in Pesto Yogurt Sauce

Packaged sauces sure make homemade meals a lot tastier but if you look at the ingredients and nutrition facts, you’ll see they aren’t the best choice.

Try plain Greek yogurt instead. You can mix in any flavors at all and you get a tastier and healthier alternative to sauces that have preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, added sugar, and high sodium, and salt content despite other detractors for your healthy meal.

Combine your new use of plain Greek yogurt (and spices mixed in) as a sauce with limiting or stopping use of oil while cooking and you’re bound to save yourself a notable amount of calories. I included a photo of my easy skillet meal of butternut squash and diced chicken with pesto yogurt as an example.

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