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What is a Nutritionist and How Will Having One Help Me?

Updated: May 13, 2023

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Having a Personal Nutritionist is having a friend, health coach, and accountability buddy all in one. Your Nutritionist is paid to help you with nutrition related trouble spots in your life. Time with your Nutritionist is time in a judgement-free zone. The idea is to have someone who helps you be the best version of yourself. Some examples of how having a Nutritionist can help include:

  • losing weight

  • gaining weight

  • weight maintenance

  • making sense of your kitchen and getting organized

  • Giving gentle reminders to help you stay on track with your diet

  • creating and designing a relaxing kitchen environment that fits your lifestyle

  • creating nutritious lunch boxes filled with foods that your kids will love

  • creating accessible kitchens for inclusivity and togetherness

  • meal planning

  • creating healthy grocery lists that match your tastes

  • teaching diet related cooking techniques to build great habits for an easy healthy lifestyle

  • nutrition education

  • and so much more!

Your Nutritionist is your healthy lifestyle motivation coach and teacher for gradual independence with nutrition choices. The education and advocacy part should be paramount when you work together. Rigid lists filled with meal ideas that you are not comfortable with is never the goal of a good Nutritionist. Working with you and providing nutrition education and habit stacking tools for you to learn how to live healthier is the actual goal of a good nutritionist. Sessions together should be a delightful time spent with plenty of positivity, motivation and learning/growth opportunities.

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